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Vintage Suzani Orange

Flying Paloma

Vintage Suzani Orange


FP Vintage Afgani Suzani Orange - "Suzani" is the Persian or Farsi word for needle and refers to textile panels embroidered with silk thread. The suzani was an integral part of a woman's artistic expression. Traditionally, as soon as a girl was born her mother would start embroidering the suzani for her. As the daughter grew older, she would join in the process. The suzani would eventually become a part of her dowry and be used to decorate her home. These intricate and lovingly-made textiles can be used in so many ways to add texture, romance, and delight to any room.


Dimensions: 272cm x 235 cm


All vintage items will almost certainly have some small marks, stains, holes or patches, plus irregularities in stitching, as the fabrics are many years old and handmade.

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